Anniversary gift

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What gift for a wedding anniversary?

Resin hexagon bouquet

How to surprise your wife after a few, several or several dozen years of marriage?

What to buy parents for the 5th, 10th, ... 25th wedding anniversary?

Of course, it can be a nice trip, a stay in a SPA, an elegant set of jewelry, a balloon ride. These types of offers can be found on portals specializing in the sale of gift vouchers. But what if we would like it to be such a unique, original and very personal gift related to the wedding day? The one that will not pass away and will remain only in memories and photos?

In our Atelier you can find something like this ...

   A wedding bouquet recreated from a photo and set in a resin-resin hemisphere bouquet

It can be in the shape of a candlestick, an illuminated hemisphere, a hexagon, a picture. With or without a photo inside. There are many possibilities ...

Candlestick with a wedding bouquet

Unique, personal and for many, many years to come.


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