A novelty on the market - coating of kitchen worktops, tables, desks or counters and other surfaces with epoxy resin. There is no need to spend a fortune on new appliances, just what there is to achieve a completely new look of the kitchen, living room or office. Depending on the effect we want to achieve, out of nowhere, a beautiful marble table in the living room may suddenly appear. Countertops that look like natural stone or marble or exotic minerals are also not a problem, and at the same time they do not ruin our pocket. Coating furniture surfaces with epoxy resin not only gives an amazing visual effect, but also exceptional resistance to scratching, temperature and various chemical compounds. Therefore, they work exceptionally well in the kitchen or as tables.


Coffee table                                   Countertop                         Live edge coffee table

So if you are looking for a way to quickly change the look of your interior, epoxy resin tables and countertops will be perfect for this. The high gloss and attractive design of such furniture will perfectly fit into modern and minimalist interiors, creating a decorative, eye-catching accent in the room.

What is epoxy resin?

It is a synthetic type of resin, widely used in various industries, such as the production of furniture and flooring, but also automotive parts or various types of varnishes and laminates. Its main component is usually polyphenols, i.e. organic chemical compounds naturally occurring in plants, while the other important component is the hardener. The glassy and transparent epoxy mass is then supplemented with dyes, the effects of which, especially on furniture and floors, are truly amazing.

What are the properties of epoxy resin countertops and tables?

At first glance, of course, we notice the great decorative value of such table tops and tables. The range of colors makes the piece of furniture a distinctive decoration of the room. However, it is worth being aware of the other properties of epoxy resin. And there are many of them. As mentioned above, it is a material with high mechanical strength, resistant to moisture and changing temperatures, and even to chemicals. Thanks to this, the surfaces covered with it can withstand frequent cleaning and wiping. Such a coating will work on almost any surface and will protect it from damage for a really long time.

The disadvantages include sensitivity to UV radiation, while the countertops and tables inside, fortunately, are not too exposed to it.

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