What to do to keep your beautiful wedding bouquet for years? How often do we hide our souvenirs for fear that they will get damaged? An original gift idea for the bride or a thank you for the parents? We have a way. We fix items in resin, which protects them against external factors and at the same time preserves their properties. You could say that we make souvenirs. The resin-flooded flowers are in the shape of, for example, a heart, a blackboard, a lamp, a frame, a candlestick, a presenter or a wall clock. We are limited only by our imagination and possible physical and chemical properties of the object.

Świecznik z kwiatami z bukietu ślubnego

Candlestick with flowers from a wedding bouquet

Selected flowers from a bouquet embedded in a cuboid in the form of a tealight candle holder. A very atmospheric and romantic version of a souvenir,

From 200 PLN

Bukiet ślubny w żywicy- prezenter / lampka

Wedding bouquet prezenter

Flowers from a wedding bouquet flooded in perfectly transparent resin. In the selected shape, with or without an inscription on an illuminated wooden base. Resistant to chemical factors, temperature, scratches, and UV radiation

from PLN 370

Wedding flowers picture

Picture in a wooden frame with a photo inside.

from 340 PLN

Round prezenter

From 370 PLN

The possibilities offered by the resin are practically unlimited and what shape your souvenir will be depends on the budget and the technology used. It can be a candlestick, a bedside lamp, a presenter, a painting, a vase, a container, a heart ....

A wedding is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful moments in the life of each newlywed. To preserve the memories of that day for a longer time, many brides decide to leave a wedding bouquet as a souvenir. But what to do to keep it in perfect condition for years?

Capture the beauty of flowers

Once, one of the most popular ways to keep flowers for longer was to dry them by placing a thick book between the pages. Currently, this method can and is used, but a modern alternative is appearing on the market, which consists in placing flowers in resin. This preparation is often used for other purposes, such as jewelery, and is also perfect for keeping plants for longer. Flowers in resin or a wedding bouquet will be preserved, especially their structure and color. Therefore, it is worth pouring the preparation into a larger container, which will also contain plants. After solidifying, the flowers in the resin will look like a block of ice with roses closed inside, and more.

The focused light inside will reflect every color, and you will be able to see the miniature elements of the wedding bouquet almost as if through a magnifying glass. In our company, we specialize in pouring flowers with resin in various shapes, including hearts, lamps, boards, wall clock or in the form of letters.

How to prepare flowers for pouring resin?

The main idea of ​​the whole process is to save the flowers in the wedding bouquet and not only from oblivion. It is worth preparing for such a solution much earlier, so immediately after the ceremony, cut off the ends of the stems, put the plants in fresh water and put them in a dark and cool place until they are delivered to us or filled with resin. The slightly dried flowers from the wedding bouquet can be placed in a previously prepared container and poured over with the mixture. After freezing, the plants will stay with you forever as a souvenir and a beautiful time machine, transferring you to the memories of the day associated with a wedding or other important family celebration.